Open letter to the Greek Prime Minister A. Samaras

Η επιστολή μου προς τον Πρωθυπουργό της Ελλάδας κ. Α. Σαμαρά για το ζήτημα της θεωρίας των δύο άκρων, μεταφράστηκε στα αγγλικά

Open letter to the Greek Prime Minister A. Samaras . By Yiannis Makridakis

My name is Yiannis Makridakis and I live in Volissos, Chios. I am the founder of the Chian Center of Studies, through which during 15 years of research, many studies, recordings, archivings and publications have been elaborated. I’ve also written a history book for the period of the accession of Chios in Modern Greek state in 1912, until the Second World War, another one- with apparently leftist beliefs- which contains testimonies of Greek refugees and soldiers in the Middle East during the previous German occupation, as well as seven literary books, three novels and four novellas. All these books are being sold in Greece from the historical publishing house “ESTIA” and are being translated to be released soon in France by the publications “S. Wespieser”.  So nevertheless, they are Greek exportable products, to speak in terms of the financial system which is the only one, as it seems, that you can understand.
In addition, the last three years I’ve been working with the land in order to product and gather my food. I’m occupied by natural farming on the land as a philosophy of life, throwing seeds and observing their slow physical development, not intervening at all over nature and its creatures.
Simultaneously, I declare my ideological opposition to the immoral and fascist for humans and other creatures of nature financial system, which consumers built and world governments keep inflating so as to replace the ecosystem and destroy humanity and the planet . I am obviously against EU as it has become and of course totally against NATO, against Eurozone, against the Memoranda, against the environmental destruction and the selling off of my country’s natural resources.
It is very clear therefore Mr. Samaras, that with such a past and present, with such beliefs and ideas, I incarnate the other end of neo-Nazis, the other end of “extremism” as you have clearly defined. And apparently from today on I will be expecting you to invade as State, here, among my plants that grow, and stamp me out as extremist.
I would only like to ask you, please tell your men when they come, to be very careful where they step, because there are everywhere seeds and seedlings, there is everywhere hope …
(translated in English by Renia Pournara)
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